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A Guide to Purchasing Coffee Beans



Coffee is among the best-loved beverage by many people, possibly because of its versatile health benefits. Coffee brewers sometimes have a hard time keeping up with the demand, especially during winter when coffee beverage intake is high. The process of producing coffee from planting to harvesting, milling and processing it to generate a cup of coffee is one that requires utmost care and consideration. Today, millers are able to purchase coffee beans from various farmers as well as companies like Intercontinental Coffee Trading Inc. who buys from the farmers and distributes to various millers and other users. Additionally, Intercontinental Coffee Trading Inc. has enabled buyers to purchase the beans online and have them shipped to their destinations. What are the points to note when purchasing coffee?


Note the pricing of the coffee. Most of the time, the pricing is dependent on several factors like the weather, the supply, and demand as well as the political stability of the exporting country. Identify the origin of the variety of coffee you wish to purchase so as to understand the pricing. Check online from different sellers for price comparison too.


Identify the minimum purchase a buyer should make from various suppliers, especially if not buying directly from the farmer. Some small quantities are not viable for shipment as the price will go up when buying from a foreign country. Additionally, other sellers like Intercontinental Coffee Trading Inc. do not place a minimum purchase quantity. Establish the cost of shipping different quantities of coffee before placing an order.


Another essential point to note is the method of storage. Is the coffee well stored before you make the purchase? Poor storage will produce a sub-standard end product and subsequent loss of business and resources. Visit the supplier’s warehouse to assess the storage conditions and the state of the coffee when buying from Intercontinental Coffee Trading Inc.


Note the seasons when coffee is available as harvesting and delivery. For example, a continent like Africa is ready for harvest at different time that of South America. It is also important to understand that harvesting and delivery are also dependent on weather patterns of various continents; therefore, one should understand the weather patterns of the regions where he wishes to purchase coffee.


Lastly, discuss with the supplier the method of payment. Different suppliers like Intercontinental Coffee Trading Inc. allows for various payments methods like wire payments and credit cards. They also extend credit facilities to customers who have an account with them and up to a certain amount. Know more facts about coffee, go to http://www.dictionary.com/browse/cappuccino.